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So the festival is up and running now, which is great. On Thursday I saw Rhod Gilbert who was charming and very likeable but not as funny as I was expecting. I think that's often the trouble with acts who have been hyped to the extreme, nothing ever really lives up to expectations.

Last night was Marcus Brigstocke's God Collar which was fantastic {I kind of love him a bit}. The basis of the show is basically that he doesn't believe in God, but he kind of wishes he does, and a lot of what he was talking about really struck home with me because that's basically how I feel. Also he slags off Richard Dawkins a lot which is great as he really is an insufferable smug fuck who gives atheists a bad name. In the queue I met two girls from Kent who I hit it off with immediately and after the show Loraine went home to bed and we went dancing, and after that everything gets a bit blurry but I do know that when I tried to go home, I bumped into a friend who made me drink cocktails in the Electric Circus, and I did get home eventually, but not until it was light out...

This morning I had stupidly agreed to go see my friend Marc's show which is on at the ungodly hour of 11.30am {shut up, I'm a student} so I dragged myself out of bed and on a bus {fairly certain I was still drunk} and was halfway into town before I got a call saying they'd fucked up the comp tickets so I wasn't getting in for free oh and it had sold out so actually I couldn't get in at all. Arse. Instead, I got a bacon roll and went to the Early Edition instead, which was fantastic. The guests were Carrie Quinlan {who is hilarious and doing a free show at 8.25 which I will be going to at some point} and a Canadian guy with a beard whose name I forget. If you've never seen the Late Edition before the whole idea is basically just taking the piss out of that day's papers, handily explained in this here video. Also it's on 2 for 1 tomorrow and Monday if anyone fancies coming with?

Right now I'm meant to be at Blue Roses and Ashley's birthday but I'm fucking knackered and think I'm going to pass out. Tomorrow night I'm going to Mark Thomas with my mum. Apparently he is good. I have a book by him which I've never read. At some point I should probably see some non-comedy things too.

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Marcus Brigstocke is my hero. I need to see that show.

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He was pretty good in A School for Scandal.

Hey, feel free to post reviews over at [ profile] edinfestivals!
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I forgot about that community!
Am intrigued by A School for Scandal. I think I should go see it just so I can have seen every show that Marcus Brigstocke is in this year! :)

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hahah i'll be at mark thomas with my sister!

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I'm so jealous of everyone being in Edinburgh for the festival! I can't get time off work in August, so couldn't come up for it :( Hope you enjoy it babe! :)