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This is a very desperate request and I know it's a long shot, but is anyone by any chance driving to Rock Ness tomorrow {and coming back monday/sunday} and has space in their car for one more?
I will of course pay for my share of petrol, and provide an awesome mix CD/playlist.
And I have a spare tent if you need one?!

Please reply to this or email me at glassarmy at gmail dot com if you can save a girl some time/money/sanity.

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One of my workmates commutes from Inverness and will be driving home tomorrow afternoon - I could ask her first thing in the morning ii she'll give you a life up there. You'd be under your own steam to get hoem though!

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Ah! it is okay. Have decided it is crazy idea anyway- forgot I have a thing to go to on monday :( Boo. Thank you lots, though!